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Number of auxiliary workers define or as number of the auxiliary workers serving separate workplaces, or in general on all technological process on the basis of the corresponding integrated standards.

The need for a manpower by professions is made on the basis of labor input of the production program by types of works, the planned coefficient of performance of performance standards (k and effective fund of working hours (Fe.R.)

The effective fund of operating time of the equipment Fe is defined, how its valid fund minus intra replaceable losses on the organizational and technical reasons (absence of technical documentation, a delay with giving of preparations and details on a workplace, damage, etc.).

In an academic year project on the organization and planning of production the main methods of calculations of technical and economic and organizational indicators of a production site reflecting technological process of production of the set detail are considered and also planning of a mechanical site is designed.

The salary of auxiliary workers is defined by an indirect method in the absence of their firm fixing to separate workplaces. Size can be accepted it in proportion to a salary of the main workers or the sum of a salary of the main workers and.

The equipment in the quantity corresponding to calculations, we group in type of machines and we place proceeding from sequence of technological process of production of a design detail and for simplification of interoperational movement of preparation.

The number of workers by each profession and qualification calculated on a formula is subject to adjustment taking into account specific working conditions: quantities and loadings of workplaces, organizations of work and so forth. In the considered option the analysis of a tekh.protsessaa of a rsstanovka of the equipment shows that that the number of the main production workers can be reduced as follows:

All other operations have to be carried out on special machines. We accept total of processing equipment in number of 4 machines of different type. Thus the average coefficient of loading is defined:

For determination of productivity of the equipment and need for it it is necessary to know funds of time of its work. Distinguish calendar, nominal, valid and effective funds of operating time of the equipment.

Auxiliary materials of technological appointment do not include materials necessary for operation of the equipment (cleaning, lubricant, emulsions and so forth). They pay off in group of expenses on the maintenance of the equipment.

The costs of repair of the equipment Cpi falling on operation cover costs of all types of repairs (capital, average, small), on surveys on all types of between-repairs service, the scheduled preventive maintenance (SPM) of the equipment provided by system. Their values pay off on a miscellaneous.

Now, when machine-building enterprises are in the hardest economic conditions, it is very important for the engineer head not only to know equipment, technology, but also the organization and production management to be able to make economically competently decisions.

For definition of need for labor it is necessary to know structure of balance of working hours. The size of working hours expressed in man-days is characterized calendar, organic greatest possible and actually fulfilled by funds of working hours.

Planning of a site is planned according to norms of technological design of mechanical and welding shops of engineering plants. The equipment is placed in strict accordance with requirements for labor protection.

The expenses on working tools falling on operation cover expenses on depreciation, sharpening, repair and restoration. Their total value pays off, as the sum of expenses on each standard size of the tools used on this operation.

The area which is not occupied with the equipment, we use for installation of boxes for collecting metalwaste and container, for warehousing of details. On design planning we will place finished goods warehouse, repair shops, and also household and office rooms.