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The personality is considered by modern researchers not simply as "mold" from society, i.e. set of the public relations, social roles or a pure product of development of a social system. Interaction of the personality and society is understood now as activity of the individual satisfying the requirements, pursuing the aims in concrete social communications and interactions, when his adaptation to requirements of the environment (societies represents only the moment subordinated to problems of self-realization of the personality.

Therefore: the personality is the any person (and not just bright, exclusive) considered in his sociality as the responsible and conscious subject (figure) of social life; identity can be inherent in each personality, and not just the most talented people.

So, society weakened, the communications fastening it broke up, rigid designs collapsed. In fact, before us a social organism, very amorphous, and therefore very pliable to power influences. During such periods the role of persons can carry the uncontrollable, not predicted character and for weak society to be also form-building force.

Second foreshortening of a problem "personality and society": as the personality interacts with others in concrete society, is how capable to show the independence, autonomy; or society, public relations, institutes rather rigidly program values, their hierarchy, a course of life of the personality, her take-off and falling.

After a victory of any force there comes the third phase. But this victory needs to be defended even in heavy fight. And under the influence of a set of needs such public forms which nobody planned are created quite often and could not plan.

Force of factors in different cases can be unequal. If to consider influence of the personality on all mankind, the points "in", "g", "d" will be important here; if the reasons - failures of reforms, "and", ""., Etc. In general than more from the specified favors to the personality, that the role can be more important than her.

Relationship of the personality and the social environment can rather be described on a formula: search (persons) - offers (societies - a choice (the personality from offered by society). The autonomy, so and responsibility of the personality is shown as in the course of perception of judgment by it offers, conditions, requirements imposed by society (after all everyone understands these requirements for the, selectively, according to the representations about due, the benefit valuable), and in the course of implementation of the social roles by it.