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The word not always involves business. It is easier to teach, than to follow lectures. In the history of philosophy there is a set of examples of discrepancy of the sermon and behavior. However, Kant - the moralist and Kant - the person - one and too. Of course, it not always and not in everything was guided by copy-books of a categorical imperative. But in general his behavior corresponded to that ideal of internally free personality which it outlined in the works. There was a life purpose, there was a conscious debt, there was an ability to operate the desires and passions. The nature allocates the person with temperament, he forms character itself. Immanuil Kant made himself and in this regard he is unique.

On the scheme the philosophical system of the Edging is presented in its final form. The intermediate place between mind and reason is allocated for ability of judgment, and the thinker unambiguously tells about criticism of ability of judgment as means, "binding both parts of philosophy in a single whole". The edging came to a peculiar overcoming of dualism of science and moral by the appeal to art potentialities of the person. A formula of philosophical system of the Edging - the truth, good and beauty taken in their unity, closed on the person, his cultural creativity which is directed by art intuition.