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Activity tactics. For Finland very high level of interaction of SUPO with private security services is characteristic. For example, according to the instruction developed by SUPO for chastnopredprinimatelsky circles, the businessman of Finland after the first meeting with foreign commercial and other representative is obliged:

The main function of security services – identification of unauthorized contacts of local employees and suppression of leakage of classified commercial and scientific and technical information. Introduction in many firms of institute of security officers added regime measures for streamlining of contacts of sekretonositel with foreign representatives.

Such awareness and almost already developed program of preventive actions (in the program it is not mentioned, by the way, absolutely measures of restraint of such activity), first, guard, secondly, unambiguously point to a source of its origin – special services. Authors of such programs, certainly, would like to slow down business cooperation, to keep many segments of the world market of goods and services for the leading producers.