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Lock Klogkhen (Cloghan {Clonnoney} Castle) County of Offaly. Klogkhen lived in the lock located slightly to the northwest of the town Cloghan up to the end of the XIX century. There is well remained tower of the XVII century on which the memorial board narrating that here Boley family after Anne Boley, Henry V's wife was executed was sent to the reference is located

The capital of Ireland – Dublin1 is located in the wide valley of the river Liffey round the Dublin gulf. Lives 1 million 21,5 thousand in it persons. It is the main commercial, industrial, administrative, educational and cultural center of the country, and also the largest port on the bank of the Irish Sea where the main sea, railway and highway lines meet. Here rich architecture of the 18th century with fine mansions, wide streets and the spacious areas.

At the edges of the island low mountains rise. Konnemar's massifs (819 m) and Mayo (807 m) in the West, Donegal (676 m) in the northwest, Morn (852m) and Wicklow (926 m) in the east of the island belong to a Caledonian skladchatost and are put generally by granites, slates, sandstones and quartzites which form the rezkoocherchenny tops rising over a smoothed surface of mountains. Mountains and of the southern suburb of the island (including the mountains of Kerry in the southwest with the highest point of Ireland - the mountain Karrantuokhill, 1041 m) belong to a gertsinsky skladchatost and consist mainly of sandstones and.

The only serious enemy who caused to the lock a notable loss, it was time. In the XVIII century the lock was considerably reconstructed. The protective ditch was filled up, part of strengthening walls were sorted on a stone for construction of other housing. From the southern part of the lock there was a Protective tower and the castle yard of Upper Castle Yard.

The main branch of agriculture - animal husbandry. The high-pedigree large meat and dairy cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry gets divorced. On fields wheat, oats, barley, potatoes, vegetables is grown up. However the agriculture of Great Britain not completely solves a problem of providing the country with food.

According to other theory - Eriu, the ancient Eire form, takes the sources from the Irish mythology. According to the Irish mythology the name Eriu is one of three names (two other names – Banba and Fodla) the legendary Irish prophet and the clairvoyant.

According to the constitution of Ireland (Article the country has two versions of the name. The Irish version - Eire (Ayr. The English version – Ireland (Ayrlan. In usual practice in the Irish versions of texts the name Eire, and in English the name Ireland is used.

At the expense of internal resources Ireland provides 40% of the needs for energy. In an energy balance the share of import oil is reduced and the coal share increases. Ireland is in the lead in the world on production and use of peat. The largest power plants are constructed, on peat - give to 18% of all electric power.

Indisputable fact is that Ireland is famous for fishing docks in Europe. Lakes and the rivers in the central, northwest, and southern counties of the country represent excellent places for good fishing. The West and the South of the country are fine places for occupation by water sports and leisure. Considerable and spectacular internal (presnovodna and external (morsk water spaces in Ireland, a variety of species of fish, mean promising for the fishermen visiting these places. Traditionally fishermen lakes Lougkh (Lough) attract, Korrayb (Corrib), Mask (Mask) and Shchilayn (Sheelin). Many fishermen are attracted by fishing on an iridescent Irish trout. The beginning of a season of catching, which – the beginning of March. And season peak – within May.

During festivals you take pleasure in the friendly atmosphere of Irish, shows of sets of festival parades, processions, demonstrations, professional horse races, other entertainments. Be not surprised to a large number of participants of festivals, and the audience. Horse jumps are one of the most important components of sports and secular aspects of life of the country. A female half will have a fine opportunity to estimate breed of secular hats and hats of lovers of shows of horse races, attendees at the Irish festivals.

In economy two sectors adjoin: Large foreign, generally technological advanced branches (mechanical engineering,, chemical industry). Local, covering branches (food, forest, textile, light industry).