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The organization of TO and TP in ATP is based on the technological principle of formation of production divisions, at which each type of technical influence (TO-1, TO-2, TR and is other it is carried out by specialized divisions.

In the designed motor shop system of measures of encouragement of work of workers the following - for performance of replaceable tasks I for quality of production the worker increase Individual Performance Factor and pay awards.

We define the average labor input of tcp of unit of TR on 1000 km. For the purpose of preservation of volume of calculations in the explanatory note labor input of works of TR can be determined by average () labor input of tcp of unit of TR on 1000 km.

The chief of the RU complex and the master of motor shop submit quickly to the dispatcher of department of operational management of production. Control of process in motor shop is exercised by means of selector and telecommunication.

Now it is necessary to be guided by the organization of production for the principle of formation of production divisions for a technological sign, with application for operational management of production of TsUP.

For the purpose of providing a fast and effective vrabatyvayemost, long maintenance of high level of working capacity and labor productivity it is necessary to provide the regulated breaks during which it is necessary to broadcast (functional music) in work-rest schedules.

Taking into account a fast and effective vrabatyvayemost, long maintenance of high level of working capacity and labor productivity, it is necessary to provide procedural breaks during which it is necessary to air rooms in work-rest schedules, to broadcast functional music.

For fire protection of PATP create voluntary fire teams. On these teams control of observance of fire prevention regime on PATP and supervision of a working order of emergency firefighting equipment is imposed.

- will organize inventive and rationalization work in ATP and introduction of rationalization decisions; carries out works on drawing up technical standards and the instruction, to designing not of the standard equipment and reconstruction of production zones and the equipment.

The Department of Production Management (DPM) - provides planning and operational management of work of all industrial complexes, and also administrative and operational management of a complex of production preparation of divisions. OUP consists of divisions: groups of operational management and group of processing and analysis of information.

Responsibility for fire safety of separate shops and sites is assigned to chiefs of the relevant services appointed by the order of the head - PATP. Plates, with the instruction responsible for fire safety, are hung out on foregrounds.

The RU complex - unites sites the performing works on service and repair of the details removed from cars, knots and units, production of details, and also other works which are not connected with their direct performance on cars.

The Department of the Chief Mechanical Engineer (DCME) carries out the contents in technically working order of buildings, constructions, electropower and sanitary economy, and also service and repair of the production equipment, tool equipment and control of ensuring their correct use.

To oblige the master at least once a week to carry out instructing in TB and service regulations of the available. Periodically during change to check observance of service regulations of the equipment.

The motor site is intended for rubbing and polishing of valves, replacement of piston fingers, pistons, piston rings, replacements of inserts of shatunny and radical bearings by inserts of the operational sizes, replacements of laying of a head of the block, elimination of cracks and breakdowns (in welding or modular office).

To group of processing and the analysis of information it is assigned; performance of all works connected with the organization of information support of a control system. The main objective of group is systematization, processing, the analysis and storage of information on activity of all division of technical service, and also planning THAT and repairs. Workers on before machining of information, the analysis of information and planning are a part of group.