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Traction p characteristics which treat movement speed, traction efforts on driving wheels and a dynamic factor of the car, are determined by the calculated external high-speed characteristics. Calculation is carried out for all transfers, and on the basis of the received results the conclusion about traction and dynamic properties of the car becomes. In the project the following characteristics are presented in the tabular and graphic form:

Efficiency of a design of the minibus RAF-2203-01 can be characterized a number of private indicators and to compare them to indicators of other minibus. Thus we will compare RAF-2203-01 design to a design of UAZ-220

The minibus RAF-2203 belongs to buses of especially small class and was used as a share taxi, and was also equipped for an emergency medical service and other needs. This purpose of the minibus RAF-2203 is caused by its wheel formula (4kh, its passability and capacity of passengers (to 11 people). Feature of a design consists that it is based on the car chassis. From here its dynamics, big, in comparison with the minibus UAZ-2206, maneuverability and speed – 125 km/h.

For determination of dynamic parameters of partially loaded car the nomogram is under construction. It is necessary to construct the nomogram for loading of the car from) to 100%. The scale of a scale of m0 is on a formula: